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… Even If You’re Totally Intimidated By It, Busy With A Full-Time Job & Don’t Want To Be Glued To A Screen All Day 

Calling *anyone* who wants to make extra income every month - even if you have no investing or trading experience:

If you’re ready to start working towards financial freedom WITHOUT sacrificing a ton of time to get there, trading options is one of the smartest and safest ways to make it happen.

And in case you’re already asking: 

Isn’t options trading super risky, Rose??

If you do it wrong, YES. But if you do it right? It’s an amazing way to generate a consistent monthly side income AND optimize the returns in your stock portfolio

We often hear about big gains and losses in the news, but what you DON’T hear about are *all* the people who quietly collect extra income every single month (like me!) who aren’t out to become millionaires overnight, but want to consistently add more income in a smart and safe way.

I'll show you exactly how to get started inside this free masterclass!


Learn about the HIGH-PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS options trading strategy that no one talks about (Hint: it’s the OPPOSITE of gambling and all the stuff you've seen on the news with Gamestop and AMC)

Discover a HANDS-OFF approach to trading options that won’t suck up tons of time and energy (Got 15 minutes a day? That’s all you need!)

The best part? NONE of this is rocket science — it’s simply math and common sense!

Find out how to KEEP making money with options trading no matter which way the market is trending (Yes, you’ll be in a position to *always* make profitable trades!)

Hey, I'm Rose Han!

I’m a former Wall Street trader turned financial educator. Through my sought-after investing courses and YouTube channel, my aim is to help *all* investment-curious folks gain a grounded sense of “Wow! I can really do this!”.

I’m best known for breaking down complex financial topics into super digestible education and training, including the topic of THIS masterclass — options trading!

I believe we *all* deserve access to knowledge like this that’s often reserved for the wealthy or the elite. Nothing makes me happier than helping people like YOU create a life of your own design, with a world-class financial education that doesn’t require a dictionary or a fancy degree.

I know that after this masterclass, you’ll be WAY less intimidated by the idea of options trading (it totally changed the game for me personally) and have some real facts about how to make it work for you — no matter how busy you are in life right now, let’s get some trades working for you in the background so you can start making some extra money!